Single + Poster + Programs Description

Detailed Description: "Leif´s - Single"

1. 2014 Reissue of 7" Record Leif´s, recorded in 1970. Tracks: Side A - Fobus In Totum, Side B - Nem Sei De Mim. Authorized byr Pepeu Gomes, Jorginho Gomes, Lico and Carlinhos, contains rich inserts with biography, discography and psychedelic illustrations, lyrics and Lico´s explanation to lyrics, sleeve and plastic cover. Official Product. Includes english translated inserts.

Detailed Description: "Primavera Festival - Poster"

2. 2014 Reissue of Primavera Festival Poster, originally produced in 1969, authorized by Antonio Peticov artist and Alain Voss illustrator, represented by his family. Bands from venue are: Mutantes, Gal Costa, Beat Boys, Rogerio Duprat, Som Beat, Beatniks, Tradicional Jazz Band, Carib Steel Band, O Bando, Sic Sunt Res, Cleans, Mustangs, Vermelho, Atômicos, Pulguentos, Mercado, Os Leifs, Tim Maia, Vikings, Grupo Sonda. Technical details: Lithography Offset Print, 240gram paper, Size: 23,8 x 17,3 inches. Official Product with certificate.

Detailed Description:  "Programs"

3. Leif´s poster - Size: A3, Digital print on 250 gram couché paper.
4. Pepeu Gomes poster - Size A3, Digital print on 250 gram couché paper.
5. Barra 69 program venue concert (brochure) with set-list, credits, advertising of Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso in 1969 with Leif´s. 
6. Desembarque dos Bichos Depois do Dilúvio Universal program venue concert (brochure) with set-list, credits and advertising of Novos Baianos in 1970 with Leif´s. 
7. Stickers - Total of 4: 1- Festival Primavera, 2- Psicodelia Brasileira, 3- Psico BR, 4- Psych BR. 
8. Postal Cards - Total 2: 1- Pepeu Gomes, 2- Leif´s/Primavera, 3- Primavera handbill
9. English transcript booklet.